Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To Create Custom URL On YouTube

How to make custom URL in to YouTube Channel
How to insert custom URL into my YouTube channel
How to increase my youtube views
How to increase youtube subsriptions


Before get eligibility of this feature you have to collect minimum 100 subscriptions of your you-tube channel. If you have 100 or more subscriptions you can load/ open following link using your web browser.

After loading features tab you can see your eligibility of you-tube options for your you tube channel.

Now you can see custom URL has been enabled, then click on it and insert selected name. (Remember this option can be edited only one time. Therefore before insert name please better check it again because after custermized URL cannot be changed again.)

After job done you can check your crated new custom URL. For an example test it practically given below URL before produce your custom URL an get an idea. After, start to make your own custom URL.


Having studied this article, you will be able to produce new custom URL in to your own website.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Biomedical Textiles

Textiles used in Hospitals

Today modern medical services are use higher engineering textiles for different purposes. Basically these uses can be divided into 05 groups

01. Protective and healthcare textile

In this category we met protective gloves( doctors gloves), surgery gowns and any types of surgery cloths.

02. Hygiene Products

Sanitary towels, nappies, towels are belong to this category.

03. External devices

Bandages, tampons and external devices are belonging to this category

04. Implantable Materials

Hernia meshes, artificial ligaments and combining textiles.

05. Extra-corporeal devices

Artificial kidney, artificial liver, artificial lungs, etc.

When manufacturing all above biomedical and higher performance textiles, manufacturers care about following four factors.

* Bio-Compatibility

Some biomedical textiles are not good deal with cells, tissues, etc. Hence suitable are need to be used.

* Functions

Before apply particular application need to be test its functions and performance with real situation.

* Cost

Cost is mainly affecting to the patient and government. Because some countries are launching free medical services hence, spending cost is essential factor.

* Product approval

All biomedical products must be accepted by country law. Because some countries have prohibited some textiles for their international usage due to specific reasons.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

How to Remove Lenovo Laptop Battery

How to change laptop's battery quickly

Hi!, This is very simple. First turn your laptop to back side and find lock icon and after near the lock icon you will find small slide switch. Push it for left or right until balance it mid point or middle area and pull battery cover to down by holding switch to middle balancing hence, battery will be removed on your laptop computer. For more information view this video.

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