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UK Textiles

UK Textiles today have growth rapidly because in history United Kingdom was isolated but today it is a huge global complex.

Why is that ?

The main reason is migration of people in United Kingdom

Why textile and fashion industry has been growth ?

Especially in UK fashion industry has been growth in women's wear. The main reason is women's wear has more configures and more silhouettes basing sexual and aesthetic attraction. Therefore some of fashion industry refer to produce more decorated fashion styles.

Especially these fashion focuses on...

* Culture
* Geographical location
* Age
* Gender
* Occupation
* Society
* Groups, etc.

Therefore in London and urban places costumes are more fashionable than rural places. Because London city contains more and more migrated nation than rural places. Therefore more fashion based costumes can be seen.

Apart such things some basic function fulfillment can be seen on winter and summer seasons. But this will occur in occasionally against willi…

Special Silk Fibers for Textile

Silk is extracted by silk worm. But today I hope to describe about new type of silk and it is called as sea silk. 
Sea silk fibers are,
* Fine fibers * Very Smooth * Can not be dissolved  * Enzyme resistant * More chemical resistant 

Sea silk is an alternative to silk fiber. This fiber has more physical and chemical properties against it's usage in final. Therefore utility and durability characteristics are very important. It most time provides more and more functions and performance than silk. Therefore this fiber development is very important. 

Pharmaceutical Projects in India

Under the pharmaceutical projects can be described human and medical drugs. In this article I wish to cover basic things about medicine industry and projects of India. Human body always object to sickness due to different reasons such as virus infections, bacterial infections, injuring with external environment of day today works, etc. 

Pharmaceutical industry is a big business, even today it has been growth in world though population growth. Some medicines are harmful to human body when they are taken without instruction of doctor. Therefore it is compulsory to get an acceptation of suitable doctor and approval if someone takes medicine. Especially should be considered amount of medicine and it means if required 100 mg for one time of day it is harmful to get 200 mg tablets of that medicine into body. Mainly unusual amount of medicine is harmful to liver and ability to damage essential cells and tissues of human liver. 
In this project report I wish to explain few topics and they ar…

How to write a service request letter

How to write a request letter of service letter
How to request a working experience letter
How to request a work certification in your organization
How to request working experience letter from company

Many company never give you a service letter without written request hence, you have to prepare a suitable official letter for this. In this letter I hope to give you simple idea about how to write a formal service request letter.
Your Name & Address
Responsible Person Name and, Company Address
Dear M/F

Include your description about what do you accept in this letter. Is it detailed service letter ? or not. With using suitable essay writing pattern, etc.

Your sincerely,

Your Signature   Your Name with Initials

K.K.T Madhusanka No: 184/6D1, Kadirana Negombo.
Date: 14.09.2018 Director Training & Technical  Through Technical Manager Textile Testing Laboratory, SLITA Ratmalana.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

To Request a Service Letter

According to the referred letter of N…

SLIM PCM Project

PCM Project SLIM PCM Project Report slim pcm assignment slim marketing projects pcm assignment
In this project I'm not going to show you my prepared project to direct copy. But I hope to give you an idea how to start sri lanka institute of marketing offered Preliminary certificate in marketing  assignment. 
How to prepare cover page
Before preparing cover page, please read instruction that provided by institute and, especially font type and font sizes required by SLIM. By considering such information, cover page can be written as below.

Project Name/ Title (Bold with Capital) 

Prepared By
Your Name with Initials

Your Batch ID/ Reg No.

SLIM - Branch Name

Month (Capital)

Preliminary Certificate in Marketing  SRI LANKA INSTITUTE OF MARKETING

Next, you must include contents page as below.

            Contents                                   Page Number

1. Executive Summery                                 05
2. Introduction                                              06
3. Methodology …

money money money

Money money money Definition of money Difference between money and price
What do you understand statement of money. Before explain definition of money I hope to describe about price.
Now I hope to ask you a question, what do you mean by price ?

I think you may have your own answer about definition of price.
Price can be explained as " The value paid for an exchange process ".
It means in society there are many goods and services are exchanging in complexity. In history, that says that exchange process was done with goods to goods or goods to service or service to goods,etc and it is called bartering process.
But in modern society bartering process can not be seen and instead this, money is used.
Now I hope to describe definition of money and additional details.
"Money is a paper or coin that has constant economic value and legally approved by country for exchange process. Every money has it's own value and value limitations which is issued by central bank of particu…